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by Maria Zuchini | July 1st,2020 | Advertorial

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Day to day work and everyday responsibilities not only leave us with no time for a proper skincare routine, but they also contribute to a more tiring and dirty looking facial skin. Trust me I know that it can be really frustrating getting up from bed in the morning or getting ready for an event and taking a look at the mirror only to discover a face filled with acne and fine lines.

However, it is a natural phenomenon and people worldwide face the same type of problem. It becomes really difficult for a person to maintain a young, glowing and healthy-looking skin for a longer period of time. At some point in our lives, as time passes, we tend to lose the kind of skin we used to admire earlier in our life.

How many of you have spent a fortune on various face therapies that promise miracles with your dermatologists? We tend to spend a lot of money on face creams and other products with minimal results and professional care most of the time is unreachable due to cost.

So what if I tell you that you can achieve all that with minimal cost and from the comfort of your own home?!

I know you probably have heard that countless times, as I did myself until I found out Derma Bolt. I was skeptical at first since I have tried everything! But I thought to give it a shot and thank god it turned out to be amazing!

So if you are one of us who gets frustrated by the sight of unhealthy skin then you are on the right page. We have the solution to your problems in the most easy and affordable way!

What are we talking about?

Derma Bolt is a professional grade therapeutic infrared LED mask that is designed to improve skin health and stimulate collagen production! It utilizes low-level light therapy effects via red light, blue light, and the orange light on the trichromatic spectrum. The three wavelengths of visible light perform different roles to make your skin glow.

This mask is able to remove all kinds of impurities from the face skin. It can also save the aging of any person and aid her to gain a young, radiant and healthy skin tone in just a matter of days! It is used all around the world by top professionals to improve the face skincare on almost every celebrity you know!

Before these masks hit the market, this therapy was only available in a Doctor’s office and cost thousands of dollars per session. That meant only celebrities and the wealthy ones had access to this powerful key to stimulating collagen, improving elasticity, and reducing breakouts. However, a few months ago this all changed!

Now, after the Derma Bolt mask, consumers can get these once expensive treatments in the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price! With DermaBolt, you can achieve the same professional-grade skincare results at home, which saves both TIME and MONEY

LED light therapy is the best type of skin treatment for all types, along with being effective for a great number of skin problems. It boosts skin elasticity, minimizes wrinkles, and increases blood circulation to generate a natural, health radiance from your face. Finally, no one has to spend a fortune to improve the collagen production of their skin tone!

We were so impressed with Derma Bolt that we requested a special discount exclusively for our readers! 

So How Does It Work?

Derma Bolt is a LED light mask that uses color wavelengths to target specific problems and improve your skin. The infrared LED of this mask helps you to improve the collagen level of your skin and remove all kinds of impurities from it.

This mask will NOT cost you a lot and will easily help you improve your skin tone without causing any unpredicted damages to your skin. Derma Bolt comes with 3 different light colors so you will be able to treat every possible skin issue.

🔴 Red Light: This increases natural hydration levels, shrinks the appearance of pores, regulates oil production, stimulates collagen production, and helps reduce wrinkles. In fact, loss of collagen on your face is what causes wrinkles and dry skin, making you look older than you really are.

🔵 Blue Light: This is a powerful antibacterial light with properties that reduce oil production and treats acne without irritation. It also prevents future breakouts and provides a UV-free alternative for treating eczema and psoriasis.

🟠 Orange Light: This repairs redness caused by erythema, repairs dark dull spots and brightens skin tone and radiance. It reduces the appearance of dark spots on your face and also brightens up your skin tone along with giving you a youthful glow.

There is no need to take any injections or go through any kind of treatment to get rid of pimples, acne and other skin issues. You just need to apply this mask on your face and the rest of the work will be done by the infrared LED of this supplement.

The future is now when it comes to skincare. How you treat your skin now will determine how it will look ten years from now. So don’t waste more time with ineffective supplements and obtain DermaBolt now!

What Gets Derma Bolt Ahead Of The Competition?

There are tons of skincare products and methods out there. All promising great skin results but the truth is affordable ones don’t deliver what they promise. Or if they do they damage the skin. On the other hand, various methods or products that work tend to need a lot of expensive sessions. 

And that’s what gives a headstart on Derma Bolt! It is an affordable way to work miracles on your tired skin from the comfort of your home without ripping your bank account or worrying about negative effects.

So here are some of the main reasons to choose Derma Bolt:

The reasons to consume this face mask are not limited to the three aforementioned. If you are willing to gain some confidence in your life and want to improve your skin health then Derma Bolt will definitely do the job for you!

Instructions of Derma Bolt Use

You can use Derma Bolt very conveniently at home or any place of your choice with so much ease. All you have to do is follow these basic steps:

1️⃣ Start with washing your face as well as the mask

2️⃣ Take out the USB cable and attach one end of it to the face mask and the other end to a power bank

3️⃣ Put the mask on your face

4️⃣ Control the switch and select different light sources by touch. Use 20 minutes daily to start healing acne, lessen fine lines, and reduce wrinkles around your forehead and eyes in just one week

It’s that easy!

Ps: You will find everything you need (USB cable & power bank) in the delivery box without having to spend a few more dollars to buy them extra.

My Thoughts After Trying Derma Bolt

Like probably most of you I was skeptical about that at first. I’ve heard all these promises from probably every product that I’ve tried so far. As the package arrived, I was really curious so I opened it up and tried the mask. I have really oily skin and my acne skyrockets on summer days. So I decided to give it a go! I followed the instructions and used the blue light for my case.

After the 20 minutes session, I already felt better and my skin looked a lot healthier. But I was still hesitant. I was worried about possible side effects and for sure I didn’t expect even better results than the ones I’ve seen on my skin after the first day of use.

Long story short, after a week of continuous sessions each per day, I’ve seen my skin like never before! Acne was almost totally gone and I couldn’t even notice my oily skin anymore! Irritation of any kind was not an issue at all. My skin was glowing and looked healthy in every possible aspect!

The results on my skin after one month of use

After a month I’m still using this mask almost every day not only for my acne and oily skin but also to hydrate and reduce possible dark circles. This device really saved my skin and my pocket!

I can tell you with confidence that after trying Derma Bolt I would never go back to any other skincare product, or spend a fortune on continuous visits to dermatologists. Derma Bolt is my go-to method and I won’t change it!

We were so impressed with Derma Bolt that we requested a special discount exclusively for our readers! 

How Much Does it Cost?

You shouldn’t hesitate even for a moment to purchase Derma Bolt!

Instead, take advantage of its limited time offer and save up to 60%. The price of one Derma bolt LED Light facemask is 99.95$. Two Derma Bolts can be gotten at 159.98$ and in that case you can also benefit from the zero shipping fees. It is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon.

For most other possible skin products or methods, you need to spend a lot to have some decent results. Sometimes you even risk yourself with nasty side effects that make you spend even more money to treat.

So I believe this product is a really good deal! The need for any other products or skincare professionals will be a thing of the past. Fun fact is that some of these professionals charge you hundreds of dollars just to use the exact same product!!!

Also, Derma Bolt offers you a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the device (believe me that’s not gonna happen) you can get a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to them for a full refund or replacement.

I definitely believe that this investment will improve your skin tone and stop the need of using any other product once and for all!

Why does it cost so little?

Derma Bolt comes from a Direct to Consumer Brand selling exclusively on the internet.

This way they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays. It will also give you the opportunity to enjoy any offer given by the manufacturer.

On top of this, when you buy from a big brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are paying for all the costs they have as a company.

Those huge costs are added on to the price of gadgets (sometimes up to 200%!) and paid for by the customers…

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Overall Rating


Ease of Use
Value For Money

Without a second thought, yes!

Summer is here and our skin needs to stay healthy and protected more than any other time of the year. Our skin needs constant hydration and pimples is for sure something you don’t want in your summer vacation photos.

Derma Bolt will help you with all that! Plus is so easy to carry it around so you can even get it with you during your vacation to never miss an opportunity for a perfect photo because of bad skin 😉

From having no side effects to being a low cost and portable device, Derma Bolt has everything you might ask! You will see your skin like never before!

After I’ve tried it Derma Bolt is my lifetime partner on a skincare routine.

Plus: Derma Bolt is now on sale: 60% OFF! It’s a limited time offer so you better hurry up before the discount ends.

How Can I Buy the Derma Bolt?

Derma Bolt is currently sold exclusively online.

But don’t worry.  The checkout process is very easy, 100% secure, and fast.

Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, I guarantee that you won’t have any problem when placing your order.

It will be delivered to your door within 2 or 3 working days. The USB cable and power bank are included on the package alongside the face mask for absolutely free.

Just follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website by clicking this link

3. Complete purchase

4. Get professional skincare at home!

Be careful to not buy any knockoffs! The real thing is essential. Don’t get stuck with some ancient prototype or a cheap knock-off.

TIP: We only have a limited amount of discount codes and Derma Bolt is selling out rapidly right now... We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

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