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Review: Why Everyone is Going Crazy Over This High Speed Portable Wi-Fi Router?

Difficulties caused by searching for a free Wi-Fi Network in a cafe or during traveling or at home will soon be a thing of the past! What could be better than this?

Are you tired of having to connect to public WiFi that’s slow, unreliable and insecure? Then bring your own!

If you have been paying for extra roaming fees this century you have been getting ripped off by greedy network companies.

What if I told you that there was a LEGAL technology that can get you access to unlimited Internet everywhere without paying extra roaming fees?

Keep reading to find out how to stay always connected.

Let Me Tell You About A Little Known Secret Device

This trick was introduced to me by my neighbour who is a renowned engineer from Japan. He’s always travelling and uses this secret to get unlimited Internet everywhere.

One day while we were talking about travelling, I complained to him about all the extra roaming fees that I pay while being abroad. That’s when he laughed at me and told me about his trick.

He said: I haven’t paid any extra fee while being abroad in over 5 years.


“First of all,” he said, “International Roaming Services are a complete rip off.”

Then he explained that every network provider makes you pay extra fees just because they know you need Internet connection and there is no other way to have it- 100% WRONG!

He said that network companies have been “scamming” the general public, like you, to pay for their expensive monthly service. They made you believe that there are no other options.

However, that changed in early 2019 when the U.S. Government passed a new bill stating that Internet is now legally public property and “belong to the people”. — Do you agree?

The Future of Internet

He told me about the astonishing MUAMA Ryoko – a pocket size wireless modem, which creates a Wi-Fi network around itself using 4G LTE. 

When using it, you can have your own Internet anywhere, anytime.

Actually, it allows you to connect up to 10 devices, which will work out a lot cheaper than paying for a mobile data plan for each of these devices. This thing is a life saver.

MUAMA Ryoko covers all of Europe so you can forget about using unsecure public WiFi or paying for high roaming fees.

With MUAMA Ryoko, it’s time to stop worrying about the safety of your personal data as it protects them by providing a secured connection.

Our editors tried it and loved it

It was even smaller than I expected. Fits in my hand. Internet is stable and fast! It's so fast you can also use it for skype calls.
- David B.

The parcel came in time. Excellent quality. Works super fast. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
- Charles T.

I love it. Im using it when going to my summer house or short road trips. Everywhere connection is fast and great!
- Bob M.

Experts Call This New Technology The Biggest Breakthrough In Modern Science...

Since our initial research, this revolutionary invention has been quickly gaining traction around the world. The device has been patented and sold to a major Tech Giant to further test and improve the technology.

How Much Can I Actually Save?

    • $124.84 On Monthly International Roaming Fees
    • $19.95 On Subscription Services
    • $12.99 On Extra National Fees – Different for each country
    • $157.78 Total Monthly Savings
    • $1,893.36 TOTAL YEARLY SAVINGS

It is the most effective way to have your own secured Internet connection anywhere, anytime!

If You Can Get Your Hands On One Of These — Do It Now

These devices are selling really fast. If you can get your hands on one — do it. 

We were placed on a 2-week waiting list as it was almost always sold out. When we made the purchase, it was delivered to us within 2-3 days. Super fast shipping.

Last time we checked, they were running up to a 50% DISCOUNT (Availability Limited) to celebrate their soft launch. Please try it and let us know about your experience.

Reduce roaming charges and stop struggling again with public Wi-Fi! Rather than paying for extra charges on all your devices, connect them all by clicking here.

Stay always connected with MUAMA Ryoko

Get yours now with 50% discount and enjoy unlimited, 100% safe Internet anywhere

Update: Demand is extremely high. Reserve yours before they run out.




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