TV Hack Unlocks Thousands of Movies and TV Shows for FREE - No Smart TV Needed

by Oliver Shannon | August 5th,2020 | Advertorial

Cable TV suppliers don’t want you to know this trick

Cable companies have convinced us that the only way to enjoy a variety of different tv shows and movies comes through paying them extraordinary bills.

The fact is, that if you still use cable TV, you are probably being ripped off for no reason! Why?

Because, thanks to a german startup, there is a tiny device that can turn your regular TV into a smart TV and unlock thousands of movies and TV shows LEGALLY!

Greedy cable suppliers don’t want you to know that there is another cheaper yet 100% legal way to watch everything you like – even Netflix or Hulu shows – without paying a cable tv subscription!

Keep reading to find out how to stream HDTV movies and shows from your device to your TV for free!

Cut your cable and still get to watch your favourite shows with TV Fix Caster® - 100% Legal

TV Fix Caster® is a tech breakthrough product that lets you stream the content you want directly to your big screen TV. It’s tiny and portable so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

TV Fix Caster can be used in many different ways. You can share your photographs or videos from your phone directly on your TV. You can use it to browse the internet, to watch Youtube videos or play mobile games on your big TV screen!

But most importantly, you can use it to watch thousands of free TV shows, live-stream sports or almost whatever you like!

You can stream your Hulu or Netflix shows or one of the many free TV apps right to your big screen.

We were so impressed with TVFix Caster that we requested a special discount exclusively for our readers! 

How does it work?

Just to make it simple for you, TV Fix Caster® is an all-in-one media hub that allows users to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

You won’t have any trouble using it. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect TV Fix Caster to your TV through the HDMI socket.
  2. Pair your TV Fix Caster with your WiFi.
  3. Start watching everything you like!

If you are still a little worried, don’t be afraid. TV Fix Caster comes with very elaborate instructions on how to use it.

How is TV Fix Caster® better than cable TV?

To begin with, almost anything is slightly better than cable tv companies.
According to the Customer Satisfaction Index, Cable is the worst industry, ranking below healthcare and banks.

We live in the 21st century! We now know that there are way better options than paying a fortune on cable. We just need to do our research and have our eyes wide open because big companies are trying to hide those hacks from us.

Is it really worth it?

Overall Rating


Ease of Use
Value For Money

Without a question, yes!

TV Fix turns your TV into a Smart TV but also makes your viewing experience extremely better.

You can choose yourself what program to watch and when to watch it.

You make your own time schedule. You can pause and rewind as much as you like! Cable TV doesn’t give you all these options.

But most importantly, you just pay for TV Fix Caster® ONCE! There isn’t any subscription. You just buy it once and use it a million times!

Where can I buy it?

To make TV Fix Caster® yours just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website following this link
  2. Place your order
  3. Get TV Fix Caster® and stream your favourite shows directly to your TV!

Tip: We advise you to place your order on time before the discount ends. TV Fix Caster is a best seller item worldwide and few pieces are still available.

About the Author

Oliver is our resident tech gadget expert. He’s a gaming enthusiast and loves cycling. He lives in Austin,TX where he’s currently working at a tech startup.

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