New Innovative Toothbrush That Is Safer and Healthier For Your Teeth (You Wouldn't Believe The Price)

by Garry Parker| August 19th,2020 | Advertorial

Summary: The world’s best dentists experts have created a revolutionary new device that massages, cleans and whitens your teeth, all of them in less than a minute. Many have already thrown away their old electric toothbrushes and they encourage others to do the same. Continue reading to discover why this toothbrush is taking oral hygiene to the next level and how you can get v-iWhite with 50% Discount and Free Delivery! 

Are you interested in having a youthful appearance with a glamour smile? Are you a fan of a bright white smile in your photographs? 

Do you have sensitive gums? Or do you hate dental floss and you are afraid of dentists? 

If the answer is Yes, then continue reading because you will really want to look into this new device. 

Oral hygiene is very important.  Even though brushing teeth hasn’t changed at all since the invention of electric toothbrushes, people still get their teeth decay and yellow. Also, they spent a fortune on the dentists.

People are encouraged by dental care professionals to brush their teeth after every meal before the bacteria attack your tooth enamel.

Dentists recommend a 3-minute toothbrushing, but with v-iWhite, it only takes less than a minute to clean all your teeth at once!

So, v-iWhite is getting more and more popular among customers and just had to take a look at it to see what all the hype is about. 

Can It Really Clean All My Teeth At Once?

The v-iWhite is an excellent oral care product that was invented to serve one simple goal: To make brushing teeth as quick and effective as possible!

So, the world’s top producers of high-quality dental equipment manufactured a vibrating mouthpiece that vibrates 5000 times per minute.

This way, it allows deep and effective cleaning, without hurting your gums.

Also a blue light finalizes the whitening of the teeth and removes any stubborn coffee or food stain.

And the best part? It only takes less than a minute to brush ALL your teeth from all sides at once. 

How To Use v-iWhite

All you have to do is to just follow these easy steps as shown in the picture:

  1. Charge the device
  2. Place the toothbrush on the top of the device
  3. Put the toothpaste of your preference all around the v-iWhite device.
  4. Press the on/off button and brush your teeth.
  5. Rinse well after each use.

That’s it! So simple. In under one minute, your teeth will be clean and bright. 

Why v-iWhite Is So Popular?

Firstly, the size of v-iWhite is so small that you can carry it with you anywhere and have fresh breath and a bright smile anytime!

For example,v-iWhite is an excellent oral care product to have at your work desk when you have to rush for the next meeting after the meal. 

Also, the device is so easy to use that even kids can use it.

Other reasons why there is such a hype around v-iWhite are the following:

However Does It Really Worth The Hype?

Well, we will have to be honest with our readers. When we first heard about this device and how it works, we thought that all these vibrations would be at best uncomfortable or at worst vibrate all our teeth away. However, two out of our colleagues decided to use v-iWhite for a month and experiment with it. 

After testing it and using it as recommended for more than a month, our colleagues informed us that v-iWhite not only wasn’t uncomfortable, but they were actually enjoying it. The results that we were seeing with each day, were AMAZING.

The kicker is, to properly clean your teeth, it is recommended to brush EACH side of EACH individual tooth for 30 seconds(!).

Considering we all have 32 teeth, it’s easy to see why almost nobody brushes their teeth well enough to keep them clean, and this is exactly where v-iWhite comes in..

Really, how did we only just invent this now?!

Lastly, we reach the price. Top-quality dental equipment can’t be cheap, can it? Well, it turns out the v-iWhite original price is a mere. Which considering the fact you don’t need to throw it away every three months like a standard brush, and how much money it saves you on future dental visits, that price itself is amazing.

We were so impressed with v-iWhite that we requested a special discount exclusively for our readers! 

What Customers Say About It

So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine everyday and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instructions are super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before.

“OMG, I love it! I’ve been battling with coffee stains for years and now I can finally smile with confidence again! and it takes so little time! no need for the dentist no nothing! Super recommend this it’s amazing!”

Received quite quickly. Very satisfied with the product. Beautifully packaged, well whiten teeth. I will order more.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

Overall Rating


Value For Money

Without a question, yes! 

Honestly, there isn’t even a debate here.

You can bring it with you anywhere! You can use it when traveling, when working in the office and when you are in public places and you want to brush your teeth. 

It will save you a ton of money! Instead of paying extremely expensive appointments to your dentist.

v-iWhite is currently on a 50% discount. You better place your order on time before this is a limited time offer and be sure that it won’t last for long.

Where Can I Buy It?

v-iWhite is currently sold only online. To make it yours and order the original v-iWhite, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the supplier’s official online shop following this link.
  2. Claim your 50% discount.
  3. Start using it and wow your friends and family!

About the Author

Garry is an Information Technology consultant with a passion for the latest tech and breakthroughs. He lives in Houston with his wife and 2 dogs.

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